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Scientific style

 The scientific style is one of the functional styles. It is a quite specific style that is characterized by specific features. It is therefore recognizable against others. The presence of scientific terminology is certainly a very distinctive feature of the scientific style. Scientific terms appear in various scientific texts, which is of course dependent on what issues the text deals with. The scientific style is quite specialized. The purpose of scientific texts is to provide certain information. Therefore, such a style assumes the maximum objectification of the content. So it must dominate information, facts, the key role is played by the cognitive function, there is no room for presenting your opinions. The idea is to present results from research and observation. The scientific style can not be emotional. It must be simple, understandable for experts, it gives areas. It must provide information in a comprehensible, clear, legible and specific manner. It is precisely these scientific terms that appear there to emphasize that this is a concrete style. In the scientific style, we often deal with multiple-fold sentences. It is supposed to be as precise as possible and accurately present the assumption. Therefore, for people who are not experts in a given subject, it is obviously difficult and complicated. The scientific style requires knowledge of specific terms. If the person wants to read and understand the text written in scientific style, then it is necessary to familiarize with this terminology. The scientific style assumes knowledge of the subject by the recipient. So it must be familiar with the given issue. Thanks to this, he can read this text and draw conclusions from it. The scientific style is characteristic for various types of scientific texts. They may be publications placed in the pages of scientific journals. Regardless of the scientific field of a given text, whether they are humanistic or technical, the scientific style must be applied in a given scientific text. Thanks to this, the text can be called scientific. Thus, aspects such as maximum precision, accuracy, and the use of specific terms are of course important in the right way. Presentation of given information in a certain order – introduction, development of completion, presentation of a hypothesis, then its proving or overthrowing, passing on specific arguments, drawing conclusions etc. A scientific style is therefore suitable for scientific works. They do not necessarily have to be dockers, masters, and ordinary essays at school must also have elements of scientific style. Even the classic essay is an example of this. Similarly to the analysis and interpretation of the poem, etc., the students have the opportunity to learn at the beginning of education what the scientific style is and how it is used in practice. In this type of texts, the point is to present the results of observations, and not, for example, to describe your emotions, impressions and feelings. That is why these issues are very important for everyone.